Monday, April 16, 2012

Non-Fiction Monday: The Beetle Book

I love me some Steve Jenkins! Even though my child isn't even close to reading his non-fiction books, I eagerly snap up each one as it's published, like it's some sort of book candy. I learn things from these!  I'm considering homeschooling Elliott in the future, depending on where we live, and one can never have too much knowledge.

The Beetle Book is Jenkins' latest book and from cover to cover features the most gorgeous illustrations of beetles I've ever seen. I mean, it takes a lot to get me interested in creepy crawly things, but the vibrant colors and short, to-the-point information is easy to read and understand. Kids, boys especially I have a feeling, will be clamoring for this one at the library and bookstore. 

Included are diagrams of all the different beetle parts, an illustrated listing of different beetle variations, descriptions of beetle senses, who eats what, etc. Anything you could ever possibly want to know about beetles is in these pages. The information is concise and geared towards a kid eager to know more about bugs, rather than a kid needing information for school. Jenkins is one of those authors that really makes non-fiction FUN!

Great for school projects or just to browse through and enjoy the beauty of the amazing illustrations. I'm always impressed and this latest book proved that my love for all things Steve Jenkins is valid.

The Beetle Book
Steve Jenkins
40 pages
Houghton Mifflin
April 2012
Review copy


Tina's Blog said...

I just got this for my school library. I think it looks fabulous!

Fats Suela from Gathering Books said...

Hi Amanda! Love the cover of this book! Vibrant illustrations, you say? Count me in! Thanks for sharing this lovely book! :)