Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In Honor review

After her brother dies fighting in Iraq, Honor isn't quite sure how to deal with it. She's angry at him, hurt, brokenhearted and completely confused as to why this has happened to her brother. When a letter shows up in, written by Finn before he died, complete with tickets for Honor to see her favorite singer's last concert, she decides it's almost like Finn's last request before his death and she has to go. 

Taking a road trip across the country is the last thing Honor feels like doing...especially when Finn's best friend shows up, drunk, and insists he's going with her and knowing that college starts in just a few days. Rusty does prove to be problematic with his spitfire attitude and love for annoying her, but he's also incredibly resourceful, especially when the car breaks down and Honor starts to feel like she's about to break down as well. 

The dynamic between Rusty and Honor was believable and I enjoyed how their relationship progressed. It wasn't an overnight change from drunk, annoying boy to someone she could really like, which is pretty much how life goes. Things take time and the author made the progression realistic. 

I loved the secondary characters the pair met along the way...especially Wyatt! I wanted more Wyatt! And now, the idea of scuba diving to see the stars is something on my new bucket list :)

What happens is more than a road trip, it's a journey together, learning about each other and doing things that Finn would have wanted them to do together. Funny, super sweet, with a great emotional punch. It's another great road trip book to add to the list for your summer reading!

In Honor
Jessi Kirby
240 pages
Young Adult
Simon and Schuster
May 2012
Review copy provided by publisher


Christin said...

This book sounds like it tells a story of a great journey. I'm really looking forward to reading it now. Thanks for the review!

Linda said...

I don't often read young adult books, but this one sounds like a pretty interesting read, even for an old adult!

Lisa said...

Love love love road trip books AND my library has a copy of this, yay!