Monday, May 21, 2012

Non-Fiction Monday: Who doesn't love baby animals?

 I may only have 1 year left in my 20's, but I still act like a 6-year-old every time I see a baby animal. These two books definitely had me oohing and ahhing like a little kid over the adorable photographs of baby cheetahs and gorillas. Both Cheetah and Gorilla, by Suzi Eszterhas, follow the lives of the baby animals, giving information about them, while entertaining us with super cute pictures!

In Gorilla, we start with meeting the baby gorilla's large family in the mountains of Africa and then move on to how the baby spends the first few years of his life, from what he eats (mom's milk) to how he learns to play. We end with a page of gorilla facts.  

In Cheetah, we follow several cheetah cubs as they learn how to socialize, hunt, and play in the African plains. The cubs roughhouse with each other, which teaches them how to defend themselves against predators. The reader also learns how the cubs keep cool in the hot African sun and what they they will eventually hunt for, ending with a page on cheetah facts. 

These are fantastic books for a first step into reading non-fiction. The photos are awesome, taking up most of the pages, with just a small amount of text. Perfect for beginners!

This series also includes Lion and Brown Bear, available this summer!

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