Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Things I Like (1)

One of my favorite posts that I see on blogs all over the place is a Things I Like/Things I Love/Things I Want post. I love seeing what bloggers use in their daily lives or shopping sites they like to browse, makeup products they recommend, baby stuff they can't live without, etc. I've ended up purchasing quite a few things based on these recommendations, shopping new-to-me Etsy shops, and finding tips for baby products. I joined Birchbox based on one of these posts from a blog, in fact.

I'll probably have my own take on this week showing an Etsy shop I love, the next a product I use and love, the next something I'm really wanting. I'm keeping it casual, but fun :) This is yet another post that isn't necessarily book related, but as I've mentioned this blog is evolving into something more than just book reviews and I'm loving it that way!

First up? My dedicated lip color.

I'm not a lipstick fan at all. It looks funny on me, like I'm trying too hard or something. I also can't stand tasting it and lip gloss is not for someone almost 30, so I've always just worn plain Burt's Bees lip balm.  Someone gave me a tube of this in a stocking for Christmas and I've never looked back. Teeny hint of color, all natural products, not sticky. I love it! 

I really can't say enough good things about Burt's Bees in general, so maybe I should have just dedicated this entire post to the company! We use their lotion, their lip balm, their baby shampoo/lotion, face wipes, etc. Lots of excellent products. 

Sarah over at YA Librarian Tales also does a Things I Like post. She was my main source of inspiration, so check out her blog too :)

*No one is paying me to talk about these products. All opinions are my own!


Sarah said...

I may just have a new lip balm to try! Though lately I've started liking lipstick more. It's not the gross tasting, grandma-smelling stuff of my youth.

(And thanks for the nice linkage!!)

Linda said...

Think I will have to look this one up too! I am not a lipstick fan...I use something very light once in a while, but mostly not. Thanks for the tip!