Monday, May 14, 2012

Week in Review: Birchbox, Mother's Day, and an Anniversary

Happy Mother's Day to all of the amazing, wonderful, hardworking mothers out there that are raising/have raised children. I'm so proud to be celebrating myself today! 

This week brought a lot of fun, some work, and then more fun as the week wore down. I got my first Birchbox in the mail towards the end of the week, which was incredibly exciting. Christmas, except I'm paying 10 bucks a month for it. A box filled with makeup goodies, picked for me? Yes, please! 

This month's box was Gossip Girl themed and I got a bunch of sparkly stuff. 

-A pretty metallic gold nail polish...totally out of my comfort zone, but it's growing on me. I had a friend paint my nails with it yesterday in preparation for my date night and though it feels a tad on the young side, but again, it's growing on me. It's a fun, "once in awhile" nail polish. 

-A Stila sparkle waterproof liquid eyeliner that appears to be full-size. Maybe it's not, but there's a lot in there. I've never worn liquid eyeliner and I would probably never choose blue sparkle, but this one was super easy to apply in its pen-form, and it definitely made my eyes bluer. I just used a tiny bit. 

-Dr. Jart + Waterfuse BB Cream. Love this stuff! My sample really only had about 2 drops in it, so I wasn't completely thrilled with that, but I liked it enough that I would probably buy the full-size anyways. It's a four-in-one moisturizer, serum, sunscreen, and tiny. 

-Kerastase Cristalliste Lumiere Liquide. A serum to make my hair shiny. Haven't tried it yet, but since I don't highlight my hair or anything, I always want it to not appear "dishwater blonde," meaning, the shinier, the better!

I also got a few extras: Kerastaste shampoo and conditioner and a cute notecard. 

I had decided to just try Birchbox out for a month or two to see how I liked it and if it was worth the $10 a month and it definitely is. If you have a little extra money for yourself, I would highly recommend signing up for this service. It's a great little once-a-month treat!

There's a Birchbox for guys too, which Aaron would totally love, but it's $20 a month. We're going to wait awhile on that one.

Aaron and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on Saturday. Love that guy! We had 6 of our friends over to stain our deck, which was the best gift we could ask for. We have a huge screened-in porch, staircase, and fence that needed doing and they knocked it out in 6 hours. Thanks guys!

We were able to leave E with a friend and sneak away for dinner. We ate at Magnolias at the Mill, a 40 minute drive from our house, but worth it. Aaron and I come from the "country" and this looked just like home.

Mother's Day was awesome, as I expected it to be. A few little gifts, church with my boys, lunch, and lots of hanging out at home. We took a walk, got some yard work done, and didn't really "relax," but it was a perfect day for us. Plus, I now have this guy:

Best Mother's Day EVER. How could you not want to squish that face??

I did do some blogging this week:

A review of my Mizuno shoes on Fitness Friday.

I talked about The Coffins of Little Hope.

I drooled over Talking with My Mouth Full.

Hope you all had a great week, as well!


Sarah said...

He's such a cutie. Happy Mother's Day to you!

Jamie said...

Ooh I want to try Birchbox and you kinda convinced me. I tried MyGlam bag and gave it a chance for a few months and it is HORRIBLE. Not worth the money at all. They are sending stuff I've never heard of (and I know my makeup/skincare/haircare) and some of the masks they send are all stuff I can get in a drugstore. I feel gypped every TIME.

Linda said...

That is a perfectly gorgeous "squishable" face! So glad you had a great day! All my boys and their families were here, and the boys cooked. Steak, chicken, brats and dogs, baked beans...some healthy, some not so much...but a great day with my favorite fellas!

Debi said...

Glad to hear you had a lovely Mother's Day, Amanda! You certainly deserved it!!!