Friday, June 22, 2012

Fitness Friday

It has been HOT here in Northern VA. Workouts have had to be kept at a minimum, but I'm still chugging along. Running has definitely become my escape at night, after spending all day hiding in the air conditioning with the boy and I'm learning to love it. 

One of the most important parts of running for me (and doing it successfully) is my playlist. I've used the same playlist for the last 10 weeks and though it does get a little boring sometimes, I have a routine down in my head to each song. Some are so upbeat that I can hard through the entire song. Some are great for pacing. And I even have a couple that have such an awesome chorus that I do intervals with it...walk quickly or slow jog until the chorus, then run with all I've got. 

Some of my favorites:

Hero by Skillet
Rebirthing by Skillet
Stronger by Kelly Clarkson
Drive By by Train
I'll Try by Polarboy
Perfect by Pink (the clean version)
Satisy by Tenth Avenue North

Skillet is amazing for a workout, even if I don't listen to them on a regular basis. I'd highly encourage you to give them a try if you need an extra push in your playlist. 

I do need some tips for new workout gear. Tanks, socks, visors/hats, etc. What makes your workout the best it can be in terms of gear?

My first Biggest Loser competition is ending today and I just weighed in. I don't know how I've done yet in comparison to everyone else, but I do know, in 10 weeks I've lost an amount of weight that makes me proud of myself, yet is completely reasonable. And I know I'm just beginning. Biggest Loser #2 runs until September and I definitely have enough weight to lose to carry me though until then, if not a little further if the numbers stay as they've been each week. I refuse to yo-yo diet anymore or practically starve myself to drop weight faster.

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jpetroroy said...

I highly recommend Underarmor. They have great "Heat Wear" and "Cold Wear" lines, depending on the weather. Nike shorts (with those built in mesh underwear layers) are my favorite, too.

Ms. Yingling said...

As long as I have good shoes, gear doesn't matter much. I pick up all my shirts at the thrift store, where nice wicking stuff goes for about $2! I run just as the sun is coming up, then feel as if I have accomplished all I need to during the day. Stay cool!

Linda said...

I have no recommendations! I refuse to run...but then, at m age, running would probably jar everything loose anyway! Congratulations on sticking with it and losing the right way!