Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sea Change review

Ava Whalen has always felt a bit lost. Lonely, even within her own family, she has never felt she belonged anywhere, and was always attempting to gain favor in her mother's eyes. A successful midwife who spends her days and nights assisting women through one of the best, yet most difficult times of their lives, Ava is ready for someone to help her through her own difficult time.

When she meets Matthew, a psychologist that basically charms the pants off of her, Ava is swept off her feet and before she knows it, she has eloped and agreed to move to Matthew's hometown of St. Simons Island, a beautiful place, rich in history. Sounds a tad like The Bachelorette, minus the 25 gorgeous guys. Just one here, folks!

Unfortunately, Matthew and the move only fix Ava's lonliness problem temporarily, as she starts to uncover long buried secrets surrounding Matthew's first wife. As she digs for answers, Ava also begins to uncover portions of a mystery from more than deep in the past...a mystery Matthew's first wife was also working on when she died. She falls into the story of Matthew's ancestors, learning about a love and a loss, while also learning what she wants for her own future.

The setting is beautiful and is perfect for a beach read. Matthew was written in a manner that was definitely charming, yet I knew there was something about him that I couldn't quite put my finger on. He had a tad of a creep factor going on...a great quality for a mystery.

Ava had her annoying moments to me, but I give her a pass. I didn't quite understand how willing she was to just give up everything for a guy she barely knew...even lonely she seemed to have a better head on her shoulders than that, but if she hadn't, there wouldn't have been a story, I suppose. I did love her interaction with some of the secondary characters and the way her loneliness poured off the page. White made it so the reader could actually feel Ava's pain. 

Overall, a good read to take to the beach and share with your friends. A touch of mystery, a bit of love, and a nice cast of characters made for a satisfying piece of women's fiction. 

Sea Change
Karen White
416 pages
Adult Fiction
NAL Trade
June 2012
Review copy


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Marg said...

I have only read Karen White's House on Tradd Street books but I am determined to try some of her stand alone books because I am pretty sure that I am going to enjoy them!