Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week in Review

It's been an interesting Sunday at this house. Aaron decided it would be a good idea to set the carseat on top of the stove after church and when he took out Elliott, hit the burner knob with the seat handle. 10 minutes later I hear him yelling for me and I smell burning plastic. *insert big sigh* The good news is... no one was hurt, the stove was not ruined, the floor was fine (after having  a 10lb piece of melting plastic thrown on it), and I kept my cool. The bad news is...we need a new carseat pronto. Not in the budget, but we're making it happen. Accidents are a part of life, right?

We finally just sat down to finally relax and discovered our one and only tv has died. Between the issues with both cars, Zoey needing the vet, the flea issue that I spent a bunch of money fixing immediately, the car seat, and now the tv, I have a feeling we will never have money again. 

Anyways...the point of this post is to talk about what happened on the blog this week, right? So, here ya go:

I talked about In Honor by Jessi Kirby. 

Things I Like, a feature over at YA Library Tales, became a new feature on this blog, as well. I like sharing things I'm enjoying.

I reviewed Rotters by Daniel Kraus. Creepy, dark, and incredibly detailed.

Fitness Friday: Biggest Loser Edition. I ended up joining a 2nd Biggest Loser competition and wanted to invite others to join. I found out about it kinda late though, so we only have 8 participants. I neeeeed to win money, so I'm working my butt off for another 15 weeks. If I do win, that will replace the money for the new carseat ;)

Cross your fingers nothing disastrous happens this week!

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Susan said...

Wow, a car seat on the stove? I've never heard that one before! One of my kids did stick a plastic hanger in the oven one time and I didn't notice until I was preheating the oven and smelled smoke. Agh. Glad the only casualty was the carseat!