Monday, June 11, 2012

Week in Review

It was a slow week for blogging, but a busy week for life. I had to head into work for a day (which felt SO nice), had church events to attend, doctor's appointments, etc. Living in an area where traffic is a beast, it seems to take all day to head to a doctor's appointment and maybe run to the grocery store on the way home. Add that with the heat and I'm tired, but it's ok. Life is great right now and I'm certainly not complaining.

Elliott had his 6 month checkup last week and is doing incredibly well. 13lbs 9oz, 25 inches long, and perfectly healthy. He's definitely on the small side, even for being a 32 weeker, so the doctor wanted us to start him on cereal. I nodded my head as if I were agreeing, but really I know he's not quite ready. He may be a little guy, but he's not unhealthy and he isn't showing many signs of being interested in food. We're going to take that slow. 

Take a look at this cuteness:

Most adorable child on the planet, duh. Do people still say duh??

I reviewed Drop Dead Healthy

I finally reached a goal I've been working towards!

I talked about all the books Elliott and I have been enjoying lately.

Hope you all are doing well!


Sarah said...

He is so adorable Amanda! That pic of him and your hubby, beyond sweet.

Linda said...

I LOVE that photo of your 2 boys! It is so cute! He is getting cuter all the anxious to see him next month!

Charlotte said...

so cute!

Debi said...


And you're right not to worry about his weight, as long as he's healthy otherwise. Really, I know it can be disconcerting, but you're right in trusting your gut--you know that little guy best.

My youngest little dude was born a bit early, though not as early as Elliott. Max joined the world a couple hours into week 34. Thing was, while he had other problems, his weight was NOT one of them! In fact, he was huge (6 lbs. 12. oz.) for his gestational age. But after that he just didn't seem to want to grow. He only weighed 17 lbs. 2 oz. at his one-year check-up. As his doctor used to say, he's clinging to the bottom of the weight charts by his fingernails. But luckily, no one ever pressured us to do anything differently. And you know, Max definitely isn't little anymore. :)

Janice Robertson said...

He really IS cute! It's not just you being a mom. I don't usually like babies (except when I had my own), and even I think he's cute so he must be cause I don't say that about many babies!!! :-)
Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Ami said...

Mommies know best!