Friday, July 6, 2012

Fitness Friday: 2nd place, bootcamp, and an injury

It's been a couple of weeks since I've done an update for you all and I've had a lot going on fitness-wise. It seems like this summer is busier than any summer before it, but I've been managing to get in a workout about 4 days a week. I'm happy with that and my body is still responding to the work, so for now, I'm good. This week marks 20lbs lost since I started my get healthy crusade and I'm thrilled! Another 20 and I'll be in a happy place.

I know that the high levels of cardio aren't always going to be enough, which is why I just registered for Tina's Best Body Bootcamp Round 2! I'm really looking forward to getting in a little strength training with my cardio and having an actual plan to follow. As of now, I've just been working out when I can, always running or walking, but this will have a schedule and a set plan for me. I'm hoping it helps me kick my workout level up a notch. 

You may remember that I've been involved in two Biggest Loser-type competitions (a great motivator). Well, one just ended and I came in 2nd place! My brother-in-law and I became each other's best motivators, really competing against only each other each week with me coming in 1st some weeks and him coming in 1st others. Overall, he ending up edging me out by about .14%. Together, we lost 27lbs!

We're both in the other competition, as well, so we're motivating each other again. Healthy competition is great for keeping up the intensity levels. I want to beat him in this one, just to say I won at least one. 

I ran 2 miles in 17:34. This is AMAZING for my slow-poke self. 

I've also, unfortunately, been dealing with a small injury. Well, at least I hope it's small. After doing some research, I think I've injured my TFL muscle (tensor fascia lata). I've been having a lot of hip pain after running and this past week the pain started radiating all the way down my leg. From hip all the way to ankle. After I would run it would HURT. Like throbbing pain, couldn't get comfortable, ice didn't help, nothing. 

Apparently, this TFL muscle can become inflamed and cause spasms all the way down the leg. I've been taking it easy and just walking the past few days and making sure to stretch a lot, hoping it helps. Anyone else ever encountered an injury like this?

I would love to hear what you all are doing to stay in shape this summer!

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Ms. Yingling said...

Since the first cross country fun run is tomorrow and I don't want to look totally pathetic in front of my students, I have been running 3 miles a day-- at 5:30 am, the only time it's cool. I have that "lapping someone on the couch" slogan on my refrigerator. Slow and steady!