Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gods of Gotham review

The first police force in New York City has just been formed and Timothy Wilde, a good guy who formerly tended bar before a fire took out his bar and burned his face badly, has been placed in charge of the worst part of the city -- the Sixth Ward, thanks to his older brother. Though Timothy wanted nothing to do with the police, he finds himself actually being pretty good at his job.

When a little girl covered in blood crashes into him one late night, Timothy isn't quite sure what to do. He finds himself thrown into the mystery of dozens of children being secretly buried and how they ended up that way. Tim isn't sure whether he should believe the tales the girl tells or hand her over to the House of Refuge, but he recognizes truth in her where no one else has bothered to look. His compassion for others is Tim's greatest gift and, at times, his biggest down fall. 

Enter in a love interest, a drug-addicted older brother, a strong woman who makes a mean loaf of bread, and a woman named Silkie Marsh and all the makings of an excellent page-turner are definitely here!

Not only was the subject matter of this book interesting and unlike anything I had read before, it was SO engrossing. I had never thought about how police forces were created in NYC or what life was like during the transition of lawlessness to having a bunch of guys telling you what you can't do, but the presentation of that information -- mixed with an awesomely thrilling mystery -- really had me flipping the pages. 

This was the June read for my book club and I had only heard good things about the book, though none of what the plot was actually about. I really loved opening up a book with absolutely no expectations and being blown away by the writing and storytelling Lyndsay Faye was able to do. She really brought me into the world of 1845 New York and I didn't want to leave. 

This would be great for anyone looking for a great read. Men and women alike will be able to appreciate Tim's character and his perseverance to do what's right. 

I've heard buzz of a sequel...would love one!

The Gods of Gotham
Lyndsay Faye
432 pages
Adult Fiction
Amy Einhorn Books
March 2012

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