Thursday, July 12, 2012

Long Lankin review

I don't read a whole lot of ghost stories and when I do, it's typically in the dead of winter, when I need something creepy to add to the chill in the air. I'm weird like that.  I made an exception for Long Lankin though, after several of my fellow bloggers had reviewed it so positively, and it was a delightfully chilling read. Keep the lights on, friends!

Cora and Mimi are sent to live with their Aunt Ida while their father is away on business and their mother is mysteriously ill. Aunt Ida is not a blessing, but yet a scary curse...she's one mean and disturbed lady! Immediately after the girls arrive, they realize that something is not right at Aunt Ida's house, starting with all of the windows and doors being sealed. Apparently, when a window or door opens, bad things start to happen and, as readers find out quickly, they do definitely happen.

The description of the setting is just amazing and really helped me picture the place the girls were living and how inadequately safe it was for them in terms of no communication with anyone else --and the ghosts and witches and dead people. Them too.  The creepiness was slow in building, but was always hovering there in the background, never letting me get my guard down. Aunt Ida made my skin crawl and when the scary moments happened, I definitely had goosebumps.

The songs and poems that are placed throughout the story were probably the creepiest part of all. I get totally worked up (as in horrified) when little kids chant something or sing something scary and I could definitely picture those snippets being said by children. Score another one for the author.

If you're a fan of the scary, I definitely recommend Long Lankin for your summer reading list!

Long Lankin
Lindsay Barraclough
448 pages
Young Adult
Review copy provided by publisher

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April (BooksandWine) said...

I love a good strong setting. This is the first review of Long Lankin that I have read. Methinks I need to check it out soon.