Saturday, July 14, 2012

Picture Book Saturday: Books About Books

For the last few months, I've been focusing this feature on books that Elliott and I are enjoying together, but these two books are ones I've fallen in love with. Both are a bit over Elliott's head for now, but he will most definitely be introduced to them in time!

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce

I have a love/hate relationship with William Joyce. If I love a book he's written, I love it wholeheartedly and cannot possibly say enough about it. This one definitely falls into that category! The artwork is absolutely amazing and had me staring at each page for much longer than any typical picture book. I mean, it inspired an Academy Award-winning short's gorgeous!

So, basically, I love that Morris Lessmore teaches the reader that it doesn't matter how you get the story...whether it be via traditional book, e-reader, etc., it's the STORY that matters. Isn't that great?! And really, in today's society, with all the chatter back and forth about who reads the best way, Morris Lessmore is exactly who we need to put us in our place. 

A must-have for your book-loving shelves!

The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore
William Joyce
56 pages
Picture Book
June 2012
Review copy

The Lonely Book by Kate Bernheimer and Chris Sheban

Oh, this book. Rarely does a picture book actually bring me to tears, but this one succeeded. I love, love, love it and want to push it into the hands of everyone I meet.

It's a fairly simple story about a book used to being loved and checked out and then as it grows older is left on the shelf for longer and longer periods, until it lands in the discard pile. The emotions the words evoke, however, especially in someone who loves books and libraries as much as I do, was anything but simple. 

Kids will enjoy the story, but I almost think adults will appreciate it a lot more. I can't wait to give this as a Christmas gift to a few of my favorite book lovers!

The Lonely Book
Kate Bernheimer
40 pages
Picture Book
Schwartz & Wade
April 2012
Review copy

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