Thursday, July 5, 2012

Where in the World: Local Bookstore

A few of my favorite bloggers: Lisa, Trish, and Kailana are hosting a fun new feature called Where in the World are you Reading. It's a once-a-month thing and this particular month covers one of my favorite topics: local bookstores. I work in one, I shop at several, and I love to get the word out about them. Count me in!

This month they want to know all about where you buy your books locally. It can be an indie (YAY!) or a chain, they just want to know where. Give a shout out to your favorite bookstore!

Now, I have two and both are my favorites for very different reasons, so I feel the need to talk about each one. I don't happen to have personal photos of the bookstores, so I'm stalking their websites. Next time I'll be more prepared!

Hooray for Books! Children's Bookstore is located in Alexandria, VA, a city named one of the most well-read cities in the country awhile back (if not #1... I can't find the article). I happen to work here, as well, but even before being employed there, I loved shopping anytime I was in Old Town. 

It's chock full of books, games, puzzles, puppets, and anything else a child could possibly want for entertainment. All of the stock is carefully selected, with the owners (and often staff members too) constantly browsing catalogs, reading galleys, trying out games, and chatting up customers to see what they would like to see in the store. 

The events at Hooray for Books! are plentiful...we almost always have fun authors on the calendar and this summer we have various writing camps planned and a huge Where's Waldo Event (going on now). So much fun! We just had a great teen author panel, have regular storytimes for little ones, and have a wide range of book clubs. We also have a great blog and are on Twitter!

Photo credit to Hooray for Books!

Photo credit to One More Page Books

One More Pages Books is located in Arlington, VA. It's about a 25 minute drive and so worth it! Bright and airy inside with awesome book displays that you can tell were put together with care and thought. I love the post-it note "shelftalkers" the staff uses to grab attention for a specific title. Short, sweet, and to the point! Oh and have I mentioned they sell WINE and CHOCOLATE too? My three favorite things in one location. Perfection.

I attend a monthly book club at the store, run by Jenn of Jenn's Bookshelves, and I always have a blast chatting up books with the eclectic group. Some of us are bloggers, but most are just readers that stumbled upon One More Page. It's a great place, with some of the nicest staff you'll ever meet in a bookstore.

Comfy chairs, friendly staff, great book choices, and the combo of wine and chocolate make this one of my favorite places to spend a couple of hours!

Again, I apologize for the lack of photos. Next month I'll be on the ball!


Alex (The Sleepless Reader) said...

Hooray sounds like such a friendly place! Do you arrange the space differently because of children (height of shelfs, etc)?

Larissa said...

I just love the name Hooray for Books!

Lynne Watts said...

Here's a great, active and progressive indie bookstore: Yawn's Books and More in Canton Georgia. I'll be reading my children's books to the kiddos on July 17th at the Children's Hour. Another great indie bookstore is Highland Books, in Brevard North Carolina. Thanks for highlighting indie bookstores. I love them too!

Kailana said...

They both sound wonderful!!

Lisa said...

I miss working in a bookstore so much. I felt like I was Queen of the store when I was there (was def the biggest book nerd/geek/ reader on staff). Now, with blogs to back me up? I'd totally rule. I'd love to work at yours with you!

Trish said...

I LOVE the idea of Hooray for Books! I'm not sure if we have a children's bookstore around this area but I need to look into it for my daughter! Our local indie does have a neat little section for children's books but story time is generally when I'm at work.

You're lucky you have so many stores in the area! I've been sad at the comments people have been leaving on the linky post saying there aren't any bookstores in their areas.

Lisa said...

I wish we had a children's bookstore here. Well, actually, it's probably just as well we didn't when my kids were growing up. I was already spending enough on books for my kids!

Christine said...

I love children's bookstores.. even if my girls are now reading exclusively YA and adult books. They're such happy places. I was just in Arlington VA less than 2 wks ago. Too bad I didn't see this post BEFORE I went. ; )

Peek-a-booK! said...

I simply adore children's bookstores and books clubs too! ^_^

Here you can find my post :)



Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

Wine, books and chocolate... all in one place!!! I want to go to there.

JoAnn said...

I'd love to visit both of these stores next time I'm in the area!