Friday, August 3, 2012

Fitness Friday: Hitting a plateau

Week Two of bootcamp has been conquered!! 

After taking Sunday as my rest day, I started my work out week off with an arm workout and then some HIIT training. 60 seconds as fast as I could then 60 seconds walking. I repeated for 20 minutes. When I was finished I was still a good half mile from home, so I jogged the rest of the way. Those intervals really work my legs and I ended up sitting with ice packs for a good 45 minutes after. 

The rest of the week I did short runs for my cardio (between 2-3 miles) and attempted one long run that I failed miserably at completing. Too humid. The humidity makes me nauseous and adding in running doesn't really help that at all. I think I managed to run about 1.2 miles and then alternated jogging and slow walking the rest of the way. At least it was some form of exercise. 

The workouts Tina is having us do are no joke! My muscles are burning and I love it. Loving the new weight set too.

On the down side, I've seemed to hit the expected weight-loss plateau. No movement for 2 weeks. I'm a little surprised that it's happening now, since I've added in bootcamp to change things up a bit and was hoping you all might have some suggestions as to how to overcome this hurtle. I'm still in the midst of my Biggest Loser competition and not losing weight isn't good!

Hope you all had a great Fitness Week!

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