Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Survive review

Jane wants to end her life, plain and simple. She's come from a long line of people who kill themselves and even though she's tried herself several times and ended up in rehab, determination has a hold of her now. On leave from rehab, she plans to kill herself while flying home. Fortunately or unfortunately for Jane, her plane never makes it home.

After the crash, Jane and her seatmate Parker are the only two left alive. With someone else that needs her help, Jane forgets about the need to kill herself and instantly decides she and Parker both need to survive. The mountaintop is relentless with its wind, snow, and well-below-freezing temperatures and the pair have few supplies and little hope of being rescued. 

A super fast read, you'll rip through this one in no time, wanting to know what fate awaits Jane and Parker. Besides all the action and constant fear for these characters, I really appreciated how the author managed to turn hopelessness into pure courage. Anyone can pick this up and be inspired...a great quality in a novel. 

The back cover describes Survive as being "Hatchet for a new generation" and I totally agree. I was definitely satisfied by adventure, thrills, and a believable bit of romance.

Alex Morel
272 pages
Young Adult
August 2012


Susan said...

Sounds like my kind of thing. The premise reminds me of THIS IS NOT A TEST, just without the zombies. Are they similar?

Amanda said... didn't remind of me of This is Not a Test. The whole "survival" aspect is definitely there, but this is definitely more of an out-in-nature survival, with a sprinkling of changing herself. This is Not a Test had more of the character-driven aspects with a sprinkling of zombies ;)