Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thoughts on Gone Girl and Wild

There have been some really BIG books that have come out lately that I've been slightly afraid of, but ended up really liking. Books get a whole lot of buzz and then I just end up not being nearly as impressed as I think I would have been had they NOT been talked up by every blogger/magazine/etc. 
Both Wild by Cheryl Stayed and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn managed to impress me, even with all the talk surrounding them. 

I ended up reading Wild right when Oprah chose it as her latest book club selection. I didn't plan it that way, but had been on the hold list at the library for a month or two and it showed up the day after the announcement. Though Oprah doesn't sway my opinion one way or another, I've ended up really enjoying most of her choices, so I was excited to start reading it. Whether you like Oprah or not, the woman does have great taste in books. 

So, I thought Strayed's memoir was pretty awesome. The idea of just deciding to walk all that way, alone and without much education regarding hiking is not only insane, but absolutely remarkable. Her descriptions regarding the hike itself, the people she met, and the emotions she was dealing with along the way made me cheer for her and hurt for her. She was obviously so incredibly broken when she began her journey and though the walk didn't solve things, she was able to grieve in her own way. 

I would highly recommend this one, though have a tissue box handy. Or your hiking shoes...you'll feel like exercising after you read all she does! 

Gone Girl was as suspenseful as you all promised me it would be. I read it in less than a day, starting it when we left for NY last week and finishing it the next morning. I'm typically a conservative reader...meaning...I don't like a whole lot of language and sex in my stories. Just personal preference. This one has tooooons of language, but it works within the story, so I was ok with it. 

I knew, from hearing all the talk about the book, that it was one with lots of twists and turns and it most definitely was. I was impressed with Flynn's ability to make you believe in each character and what they're role in the plot was, so you almost didn't want to believe how things kept turning. It was a great read. 

What's going to be the next BIG book? Any ideas??


Tina's Blog said...

My prediction: In the Shadow of the Banyan....maybe the next Kite Runner?

Amanda said...

That's probably a very good prediction. I haven't read it yet, but have heard such wonderful things!

Susan said...

I've had GONE GIRL on my Kindle for awhile now and still haven't gotten to it. It's next on my list, I think!

Abby said...

Thanks for this post, Amanda. Summer's been so crazy that I have gotten out of the adult-book loop and it's nice to hear some of the buzz! I requested both of these books at the library. :)