Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week in Review: Links, Bootcamp, and shiny things

It's been a crazy, but fantastic week. We "vacationed" at my in-laws house in NY and really enjoyed doing a lot of nothing. The husband and I are lucky enough to be from the Fingerlakes area and so we went on our own little winery tour, as well as having the family reunion, seeing some of my family, and doing a whole lot of picture-taking. Some of the gems from the trip:

I also read a couple of books, babysat for my niece and nephew, and ate a lot of sweet corn. A great week! Ooh and let's not forget about bootcamp!

This was week 3 of Best Body Bootcamp and though it was definitely more difficult to get motivated on vacation, I had 2 of my Biggest Loser competitors staying in the house with me, so it was easy to turn down the desserts and bad food choices and get out for a few runs. I knocked out my bootcamp workouts in the basement while everyone else snacked on birthday cake ;)

Being from the country, it was a great change of scenery to run near my in-laws home. No sidewalks, just a road and fields of corn and cabbage. I definitely had to watch out for the speeding cars and the Mennonite carts, but the calm and peacefulness of the evenings there is unmatched. Loved getting sweaty in the wide open spaces! (Cue the Dixie Chicks song)

Adding to my week of relaxation, was the blog reading that I didn't get done. Hehe. I did find a few awesome posts that I was excited about and wanted to share: 

The best review of Gone Girl yet.

Diana over at Hormonal Imbalances wrote about something very close to my heart this week. I've never been quite sure what to say when someone asks if Elliott is my only child.

One of my favorite blogs, Enjoying the Small Things, talked about one of her sponsors, The Shine Project. I love their mission and quickly snatched up the prettiest bracelet! Waiting for this new and shiny bauble to show up in my mailbox soon:

Such a great cause! I love supporting projects like this one or Etsy shops. Feel good shopping!

On the blog:

A review of The Homecoming of Samuel Lake. Such a good book!

A review of Survive by Alex Morel.

A Picture Book Saturday post.

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