Friday, September 7, 2012

Dinner: A Love Story thoughts

Love, love, love this book. I've been reading the blog for the last couple of years and have, along with all the other blog followers, been anxiously awaiting the release of the book! 

The personal stories that are included throughout made this so much more than a recipe book for me. It's entire concept is based on parents making the decision to provide meals for their children at home, despite busy work schedules and a hectic life. Every night, Jenny and Andy manage to pull off a bit of culinary magic, getting their girls to eat a nutritious and tasty meal, while still getting to enjoy time together. 

I think I flagged half of the book to make, but so far, the amazing meatballs are the only thing I've actually made and they were so easy and so delicious. In fact, I've made them several times already, filling up my freezer for when our lives become as hectic as the Rosenstrach's. 

I'll be gifting this one to several people for the holidays, as well as myself! I need a copy too! 

Dinner: A Love Story
Jenny Rosenstrach
336 pages
Cookbook/Adult Non-Fiction
June 2012
Library copy

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