Friday, September 14, 2012

Fitness Friday: The end of bootcamp

I'm so sad! Bootcamp is almost over! In the past 8 weeks I've become used to receiving emails with my workouts planned out for me and I'm going to be sad to not only lose that motivation, but also to have everything already decided for the week. It required basically no planning on my part -- other than when to fit the specific workouts into my day -- making it so easy to just do the workouts. I love to have things planned out, but am not always the best at doing the planning myself! Tina rocked it and I'm so glad I signed up. 

I not only lost weight in these 8 weeks, meeting a goal that I wanted to reach, I also added in strength training and started to gain muscle back. It felt SO good to be able to move up on the amount of weight I could lift from week to week and conquer exercises that have always been very difficult for me. Planks are still rough (anyone who has had a c-section will say that planks are rough), but I can hold one for 3 times as long as I could when I started this bootcamp. That great feeling of pride in myself is something that kept me going and working as hard as I could throughout the past 2 months. I wanted it and I was going to get it!

Another amazing aspect of this journey is the community that came along with Tina's workouts. Everyone who signed up truly wanted to motivate and encourage one another. I've gained a few new friends and that's just awesome. Weight loss and new friendships? I'm sold! 

This has been such an incredible experience and one I'm definitely going to be doing again. Tina has already announced Best Body Bootcamp Round 3 and I'm in! You should definitely join too...even if you don't have weight to lose, it's a great way to get back into shape or jumpstart strength training. 

Thank you so much, Tina!

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