Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fourmile by Watt Key review

Twelve-year-old Foster is more than simply not impressed with the man his mother is dating. In fact, he's scared of him. Foster knows this guy is bad news, but nothing he says to his mother can convince her to stop seeing him and Foster is just waiting for something really terrible to happen. 

When a stranger walks up the driveway to their family farm, Foster knows that things are about to change. The man, an Iraq war vet, is walking across the country and stops to look for some work, hoping he'll find some at the farm. Foster's mother employs him temporarily and very much against her boyfriend's wishes, and he becomes a new mentor for Foster, teaching him more than Foster could ever imagine. 

Foster's character is definitely realistic, letting the reader into a twelve-year-old boy's brain. He knows he doesn't like his mother's boyfriend, but he isn't quite sure what to do about it. He's impulsive and acts without thinking a lot of the time. Readers will believe in him and want him to succeed. And there's a dog...did I mention a dog? You'll love the dog. I loved the dog. 

Watt Key is just a top notch writer. He's fantastic at writing a story that has a serious impact on the heart, but still has action, adventure, and a great storyline. I loved both Alabama Moon and Dirt Road Home and I can see this one being right up there with those. It takes a special type of book to get a reluctant reader to want to keep reading and I think Watt Key has the gift!

Watt Key
240 pages
Middle Grade
September 2012
Review copy

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