Saturday, September 29, 2012

Picture Book Saturday

Time for another edition of what Elliott and I have been enjoying together! So far, this kid LOVES books and I really hope that lasts forever. He loves to look at the pictures, likes being read to, likes eating the pages ;) It's a lot of fun and we've been reading tons of books each day and these are a few of our recent favorites:

Sniff by Matthew Van Fleet

Van Fleet is a great author of interactive books. Sniff! is his latest and it's perfect for a child Elliott's age. It fits well in little hands (some of his other books are big and heavy) and the tabs are easy to pull. Each page has something interactive about it, whether it's something small to touch or a pull-tab to make the animals move. 

The story is very simple and excellent for introducing what noses do. We've read this one quite a bit lately and Elliott loves touching the Mouse whiskers and the scaly skin of the lizard. Fun!

It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond

I'm a big fan of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, but I feel all the additional books in the series were unnecessary. Too much of a good thing. This board book, though, is adorable and perfect for working on what different facial expressions might mean. Mouse paints different faces on seven pumpkins, each one displaying a different emotion (happy, sad, surprised, etc.). 

It's also a great intro into fall-themed books for us. If E were a bit older, I would definitely pair this one with an art activity or read prior to carving/decorating pumpkins. 

Pat the Zoo

This one has been our favorite book for the last month or so. The touch-and-feel portion is the best I've seen in quite awhile -- a little unique, with feathers, "whiskers" made of fishing line, and a sticky tongue on the frog and the story includes a wide range of words and adjectives for babies to learn. Elliott is encouraged to "touch," "pat," and "feel" all the animals and words like "bumpy," "furry," and "wrinkly" are introduced. 

I have to admit, we own none of the other Pat the... books, but this one has definitely made the rotation into our daily reading.

Thank you to Random House, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster for the review copies!

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