Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Bookie's Son blog tour

"In 1960, as a way to pay off some of his debt, the bookie, Harry Davis, starts collecting loan payments for the Bronx gangster, Nathan Glucksman. Making his rounds, Harry visits a sweet tailor named Morris, who is a survivor of the Holocaust. Whether out of pity, or because Harry was one of the liberators of the camps during World War II, or because he is prone to rash decisions, instead of collecting from Morris he gives some of Nathan's money so that he can move to Israel. Nathan's henchmen, the Spratz brothers, come looking for Harry, who is forced to escape and leave his bookie business in the hands of his 12-year-old son, Ricky, and his almost deaf and nearly blind mother-in-law, Rosie. 

The Spratz brothers ransack the apartment and threaten not only to harm Harry, but also Ricky's mother. Ricky, who is his mother's confidant and emotional crutch, takes it on himself to raise the money and rescue his family. He dreams of being the hero. Like the rest of the Davis family -- the best family in the Bronx -- he believes he is an extraordinary person trapped in an ordinary life. 

He embarks on a series of failed attempts to obtain money, which he needs to bet on a fixed horse race. he ends up stealing cash from his father's drawer -- money that his father was saving to make payments to Nathan -- and then rides in a stolen car to place his bet. 

Each member of the family is broken and needs fixing. Though they are all unscrupulous, they are filled with love and loyalty. Fast-paced, engrossing, and full of heart, The Bookie's Son paints a picture of a family forced to decide how much they're willing to sacrifice for each other -- and at what cost." 

The Bookie's Son tour continues! 

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