Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week in Review: Pantry makeover and a sick boy

What a week! As I mentioned on Friday, Elliott came down with his first real illness: a double ear infection. Poor kid was miserable:

I'm a mean mom for taking that picture, but seriously...I cried as much as he did and I had to try to find the humor at some point or I was going to lose it. Sick babies are just so sad.  Antibiotics have started working their magic and we are, thankfully, almost back to 100%. 

One fun thing that I was able to work into the fussy-boy schedule was a night at work. I love working at the bookstore, especially when we have authors like JOHN GREEN call in for our book club meeting to answer questions about The Fault in Our Stars. I tried not to be a total fangirl and completely make a fool out of myself when I answered the phone, but let me tell you -- seeing John Green's name on the caller ID almost made me lose myself. ;)

At home, the in-laws came for the weekend and Aaron and I are about to start the first of several little projects around the house. We are tackling our pantry this weekend, so if anyone has tips on how to make shutter doors easy to paint or how to best organize a mess, please help! This is the before (don't judge the mess):

We're going with mason jars and clear containers to help organize a little, but I want it to actually look nice too. Any thoughts?

On the blog:

I filled you in on my new love of Toon Books.

I reviewed The Midwife of Hope River by Patricia Harman.

I talked about what happens when illness and overall life "stuff" gets in the way of exercise in my Fitness Friday feature.

I posted my monthly (or weekly lately) Picture Book Saturday feature with books that are helping us to get creative around here. I really hope Elliott loves painting and coloring and creating things when he gets a little older. I want a fridge filled with pictures and art all over my house made by his little hands!

Hope you had a great week!


Ms. Yingling said...

No, great picture, and you will need it in 18 years when you are sad that he is going off to college. I tried to enjoy every stage with my kids, but am really, really glad they are no longer babies. They interfere with my work a lot less now.

Ami said...

I love that picture, even though it makes me want to reach through the screen and hug him each time I see it!

Check thrift shops for fun-shaped jars for the pantry. I got some square stackable ones somewhere that I love (the bottom sets inside the next lid to make them more secure), but of course I can't find any more anywhere. When al else fails, search for "kitchen storage" on pinterest! There are a lot of "duh, I could have thought of that" ideas there - like putting muffin papers in a spaghetti jar.