Saturday, October 6, 2012

Celebrating Fall

I wish I could explain how happy it makes me that Autumn is finally here. Growing up, it seemed Fall was the start of everything important -- school, sports,  the holiday season. To a kid, those are the most important things and I definitely loved when September and October finally arrived.

I've carried my love of this season into my adult years, and I relish in everything pumpkin, the smell of the wood stoves burning around the neighbor as I take my nightly runs, the leaves on the ground, hot apple cider, the festivals, the food...I love it all. And now, I'm hoping to pass that love onto Elliott. So far, so good.

We've scheduled all sorts of fun autumn events this October and our Saturdays have been filled up with all the excitement. Or as much excitement as a 10-month-old can handle, I suppose. Last week, we spent the morning hiking at Great Falls National Park, here in Northern Virginia.

On Wednesday we took a walk near home with a friend and her daughter. Lots of puddle jumping was involved!

On Friday, Elliott made his first craft with same friend on Friday, while I was serving at church. I have to admit, I cried a little when I saw it. My little boy's feet are SO big!

Today, we went into Old Town Manassas and enjoyed the Fall Jubilee! Every year growing up, I attended the Fall Festival in my tiny little of Jordan, New York, and since moving away 6 years ago, I've missed everything about it. This Jubilee wasn't quite the same, but definitely filled the void the Fall Festival has left in my Fall-loving heart.

We indulged in corn dogs (Aaron), crab cake sandwiches (that would be me), ice cream and kettle corn for all, and watched while Elliott took in the sights and sounds of a great festival. Next year he'll enjoy jumping in the same bouncy castles and maybe a hayride! There may have even been a bit of moustache wearing.

I would have been even happier had it not been hot outside! Upper 70's was not what I had in mind for a Fall event, but apparently tomorrow I'll get what I've been asking for. High of 55 expected!

On Monday we plan to hit up a pumpkin patch, are planning a day trip to Delaware the following week, and lots of other fun activities to celebrate my favorite season.

How are you celebrating Fall??

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