Thursday, October 11, 2012

Elliott's first chapter book

Let's face it. As parents, there are some tasks that we just don't like to do. For my husband, it's feeding Elliott anything other than his bottle. He'd much rather leave that mess up to me and take on the task that I don't want to do: bath time. The tub is just so contained that I get bored! That whole "must watch the baby every second" thing is sometimes like watching paint dry ;). 

Which is where the reading comes in! I've tried listening to my audiobook while he's playing, but then I end up missing half the words and am forced to re-listen anyways. I started reading Tilly's Moonlight Garden aloud to him for the first half of his bath (while he's content enough to splash and play with toys on his own) about a month ago and we finally finished it up last night. Not the typical choice for a first chapter book, but I really enjoyed reading it!

Tilly is a young girl whose family just moved to an old house. Her mother is ill and spends the days in bed, while Tilly is explores the land surrounding their new house. It's on one of these lonely adventures that Tilly meets Helen, a girl who only seems  to show up when Tilly is in the moonlight garden she discovered late one night.

The pair become close friends very quickly, but Tilly knows there's something odd about Helen. She won't say where she lives or where the rest of her family lives and Tilly isn't sure if Helen is even real or simply existing within Tilly's imagination. When Tilly starts to make other friends, she's no longer sure what their friendship means or where it's going. 

It was a sweet story, probably perfect for a 7-9 year old little girl. It definitely has a bit of a The Secret Garden vibe going on, which I enjoyed and I could see a mom and daughter reading it together. 

I, unfortunately, didn't really care for the few illustrations, but was sent a review copy, so I'm not sure if they made it into the finished copy or not or if they were made to be color. They just seemed dark and smeary (if that's a real word). 

I'm not sure what we'll pick next for our bath time read aloud, but this one was fun!

Tilly's Moonlight Garden
Julia Green
208 pages
July 2012
Review copy

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