Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Family bedtime reading

Aaron and I read to Elliott every night before bedtime (and lots during the day too, of course). Lately, I've been reading to him in the bathtub, to keep myself entertained while he's splashing around with his toys. We read our first chapter book that way! 

We've moved onto a new book to read together: The Family Bedtime Treasury. Though we're all book lovers in this house (though sometimes Aaron has to be convinced he's a book lover) we have very limited shelf space in each room to hold all the books we love, so fitting 16 awesome bedtime stories into one volume works really well for us. 

Included are some of my all-time favorites: The Napping House, Gideon, and No Sleep for the Sheep, along with several new-to-us stories and poems. The variety is fantastic. It also comes with a cd filled with an hour of classical music. We were able to download it for free, since we don't really have anything to play a cd, which was a really nice option. We've listened to the music during our last feeding of the night and it's very soothing. 

The Family Bedtime Treasury would make a great gift for a birthday or a unique shower gift. I'm always looking for those! It's nice to include other siblings in gifts like those and this has something for everyone. 

The Family Bedtime Treasury: Tales for Sleepy Times and Sweet Dreams
276 pages
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
September 2012
Review copy

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