Saturday, October 27, 2012

Picture Book Saturday: Sick baby edition

My poor boy. Elliott has had a cough for a week that just won't go away. It didn't necessarily seem to be getting worse and he didn't have any other symptoms, but it was gross and wet and deep. We finally took him to the doctor yesterday and ended up having to get a chest x-ray. The computer system at the office went down while we were there, so we couldn't even get the results right away (after being there for over 3 hours), so we finally were just sent home with the diagnosis of a bad chest cold, unless we hear something different. We're loaded up with a couple of nebulizers, cozy pj's, and a pile of books that we've been enjoying lately, and settling in for some fun at home. 

A few of our recent favorites:

Cars Galore by Peter Stein and illustrator Bob Staake

The kid LOVES this book. The bright colors and wacky illustrators seem to draw him eye right to the page and he can't seem to turn the pages fast enough. I start out reading slowly, building faster and faster as the book goes on until we're moving through the pages really quickly. He's always giggling by the end and wants it read again. 

The Kirkus blurb on the back says that the rhymes are reminiscent of Seuss and I definitely agree. Super silly, crazy at times, and a whole lot of fun. Definitely going to have to check out Bugs Galore

Baby Be Kind by Jane Cowen-Fletcher
I'm really glad Elliott likes this one, because I definitely do. Each page features rhyming text, encouraging babies to do small acts of kindness. Whether it be sharing cookies, saying thank you for a gift, and saying sorry, each page is simple and easy to understand. The babies in the illustrations are acting out the text, making for a great beginning manners book. 

Elliott likes to point out the little red-haired boy in the book on each page and even looks sad when he's sad. I'll be giving this one at future first birthdays, for sure. Love it!

Mice by Rose Fyleman and illustrator Lois Ehlert

This one is just awesome for kids Elliott's age. One sentence of text and huge, bold collage illustrations. He doesn't necessarily care about the story, but he does love looking at the pictures and Lois Ehlert always delivers on those. 

While learning different vocabulary words and colors, the readers gets to determine whether or not mice are nice. It's a fun concept and the weird mice made out of household "stuff" are quirky and silly. On each page I point out the different words expressed in the text (i.e. tomato, pink ears, long tails, etc.) and hopefully E is starting to catch on as to to what different words mean. 

That's what we've been reading! Do you have any new picture book favorites?

Thank you to Candlewick and Beach Lane for the review copies. 

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Brimful Curiosities said...

When my son was sick and a little tot he enjoyed reading Hillenbrand's Down by the Station, over and over and over again. It's still one of his favorites.