Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week in Review: More illness, kangaroos, and zombies being canceled

Well, the arrival of Hurricane Sandy is upon us. I live in the D.C. Metro area, so we're definitely in the path of this storm and everyone is pretty much freaking out. Schools have been closed for the next two days and it hasn't even started raining yet. Stores have run out of just about everything, the federal government has closed, and everything else is continuing to shut now. It's reminding me of Snowmageddon of a couple of years ago and that was a total train wreck. 

We stocked on essentials, which for us is formula for the kiddo, several pots of boiled water, dog food, and gas for the cars. We rarely lose power -- we're the lucky family with underground electric wires, but we do live in a split-level home, so high rainfall levels always make me nervous. We've never had a problem before, but if we did, it would be my bedroom and living room flooded. Yikes!

Today is the husband's birthday and I'm so bummed for him. He was supposed to participate in the Run for Your Lives 5K outside of Baltimore and it was canceled due to Sandy. It was my birthday present to him (hello, $80 race!), so he not only didn't get a fun race day being chased by zombies, but we hardly had anything for him to open. Thank goodness I picked up a few little things. I know it's not about presents, but still, I felt bad for him. Happy birthday Aaron!

Most important hurricane supplies? Books,  of course! When the child lets me, I'll be reading this tomorrow:

Yesterday, we took Elliott to the Air and Space Museum for their annual Air and Scare program. Huge museum filled with planes and rockets and the shuttle makes for a very cool back drop for all kinds of neat Halloween stuff. He was much too young to really participate in any of the activities, but we wanted to get him out of the house after being sick all week and needed another excuse to show off his adorable kangaroo costume. 

Cutest kangaroo ever. Don't deny it.

Earlier in the week we ended up having to get a chest x-ray for the little guy, which was only slightly traumatizing for his mama who had to hold him down, screaming, on the table. He has had a cough for the past week, that sounds terrrrrrible, but no other symptoms at all. I brought him in, just to make sure there wasn't anything wrong and am glad I did. He had started wheezing and was having trouble breathing while he was playing hard. Just a bad chest cold, but the inhalers we were given have definitely helped. Worth the 4 hours we spent at the doctor. 

On another note, why has no one told me how necessary this purchase is:

I've seen it on a few blogs recently, but had no idea how life changing it would be. Apples, toast, bagels, pretzels, etc. ALL have been forever changed, because of this amazing jar. So. Good. 

On the blog this week:

Diaper Cake Gift Certificate Giveaway (closes tonight at midnight!)

Stay safe and dry if you're in the path of the hurricane. If not, just have a great week!

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Susan said...

One of the (few) good things about living in blazing hot Arizona is that we don't have to deal with big storms like these. I feel for those who do! It sounds like you are prepared, but please, please, be safe!