Wednesday, October 3, 2012

When others need help, we should answer that call

I came across a blog post this morning from Simple Mom, about how we should spend $5 on something that matters this week. I read the blog daily, but this subject line definitely caught my attention and when I read the story of this family, recently devastated by the loss of their husband and father, it just broke my heart. Can you imagine being the single parent to five children after losing your spouse to an unexpected illness? This man was hospitalized on September 10 and 8 days later he was gone.

I grew up with a single mom. My father died of a massive heart attack when I was only 9. My mother had to raise my younger brother and I all on her own, from that day on and I know how incredibly difficult it was for her. I can't even fathom having five children to bring up alone. The emotional aspects  are beyond what I can even think of, but the financial? Raising five children is expensive with two parents, let alone being a single mother.

The author of the Simple Mom blog and some other generous published authors are offering their books in an ebook bundle for only $5. All proceeds will go to benefit this family. If you're interested in that, go here and purchase. Or, you can do what I did and just donate to the family. I don't know them, but that doesn't matter. We are meant to help each other in times of struggle and this family is struggling. If you can't help them financially, please pray for them or send out words of encouragement.

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