Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dear Elliott: A 1st Birthday letter

My tiny little baby turned ONE yesterday. It's still amazing to me how fast this year went by and as I thought about what I was going through one year ago and all of the beautiful events and smiles and fun we had this year, I was pretty weepy and emotional. Elliott will probably be my last baby, so all of his "firsts" this year were also "lasts" for me. I'm ok with that and happy with my little family, but it's still bittersweet. 

I wanted to share my letter to my boy with all of you and, of course, slip in some picture memories of our past year. 

Dear Elliott,

When you came into the world, 8 weeks early, your dad and I were terrified. All we wanted during that delivery was to hear you cry -- that was our sign that you would be ok -- and as soon as the doctor lifted you up we heard a huge, loud scream. You let everyone know that you were a fighter and would be just fine.

After a 3 week NICU stay (again, you're a rock star), we were able to finally bring you home. We've watched you grow so quickly and learn new things all the time. You'd almost never know you were born so early. From those early days of  the two of us camping out in the recliner through the whole night watching episodes of House Hunters...

celebrating your first Christmas...

having your first photo shoot...

lounging in the pool on those hot summer days...

wearing the most adorable kangaroo costume for Halloween...

have our first family photos taken...

and finally, visiting the aquarium and having your first cupcake on your BIRTHDAY, we've had such a great ride this year. 

You are the most joy-filled boy I've ever met and I am so thankful that you're mine.

Some fun facts about you at 12 months old:

-You love your blanket and can't sleep with out it.
-You suck your two fingers on your right hand, even though it drives us crazy.
-You hate getting your diaper changed and getting dressed.
-Bath time is your favorite time of the day, especially if it's with daddy.
-You'll eat anything and everything, as long as you aren't sitting in your high chair...then all bets are off.
-You have 2 teeth.
-You think rubbing your eyes like you're tired will get you out of any trouble/eating/diaper changes.
-Your favorite books are Dog by Matthew Van Fleet and B is for Bear by Roger Priddy.
-You love Zoey, but aren't so sure about Shae. She's too big for you to play with.
-You're wearing 9mo. clothes.
-You are about 26inches long and almost 18lbs.
-You're thinking about walking. You'll cruise along furniture and step between chairs and toys.
-You love to smile and laugh and are almost always happy (except when those darn teeth came in!)
-You occasionally say "mama" and "bye-bye," though it still takes us to decipher it.

I know the next year is going to be so much fun and we'll have all sorts of adventures together as a family. You are my sunshine, E, and I am so proud to be your Mama!!


Jenn's Bookshelves said...

Awww! I'm all teary eyed! It was wonderful to look back on the last year! You've all come so far! Happy Birthday Elliott!!

erikarobuck said...

This is just beautiful. What a great mama you are. Happy Birthday to your little one. :)

Sarah said...

Happy 1st birthday Elliott!

Trish said...

What a sweet post! Happy birthday to your Elliott. My favorite picture is the one of him asleep while watching House Hunters.

Diaper changing tantrums. I just don't get it. I try to explain to Elle very reasonably that she really doesn't want to sit in her poop but she still screams and twists. And she's 19 months. ;)

So many joys are ahead of you!

Susan said...

Awww, Happy Birthday, Elliott! So glad he's doing so well.

Abby said...

Happy birthday, Elliott! Amanda, thanks for sharing this with us. Those pictures are adorable!

Debi said...

Happy Birthday to that oh-my-gosh-he-just-could-not-be-any-more-adorable little guy of yours!!!! And just think, Amanda, this is really still only the beginning--so many more years of joy ahead!!!