Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm, Pullman style

Still sick, so that means short reviews. And if anyone has a cure for serious nasal congestion, please send it my way. 

I haven't read through this entire book yet, but I can tell you already that it would make such a neat gift for someone who really loves fairy tales. Philip Pullman puts his own spin on 50 of his favorite stories, originally written by the Brothers Grimm, keeping the creep factor high and the beautiful details he's known for front and center. His versions are much more readable than the originals too... something I appreciated. 

My favorites? "The Bremen Town Musicians," "The Brave Little Taylor," and "Iron Hans." The atmosphere is perfect for reading on these dark, dreary, and cold days and I've been savoring a little at a time in between taking care of a teething boy and attempting to take care of my sick self. 

The cover is fantastic and will look great on my shelves next to the other creepy stories! I have a couple of people in mind to pick this up for during the holidays... if you love fairy tales, stop reading this now. You may be ruining your Christmas gift ;)

Thanks to Candlewick for sending along a copy. 

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Debi said...

This book is at the top of my Christmas wish list, and I'm sure my Santa-hubby will come through. I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying it!