Friday, November 9, 2012

These Things Happen review

Wesley is 15 and dealing with a lot of "stuff" for someone his age. His father is gay and living with his partner, where Wesley has come to live for a time in order to get to know his father a little better. His dad is distant and appears not incredibly interested in getting to know his son, though his partner George is really interesting and cool. 

Wesley's best friend, Theo, has also just come out, a total surprise to Wesley and most of the student body. Wesley is proud of his friend at first, but then becomes the subject of horrific bullying, because of Theo's announcement. What ensues is an incredible learning experience for every single character, infused with a ton of humor. Apparently, Richard Kramer knows how to make his characters funny, even in their darkest moments. 

I had fun with this book. Written on a seemingly heavy topic, the tone is light and witty, though never letting the reader forget what the characters are feeling. Though I've yet to meet a teenager that actually talks in the way Kramer has written Wesley and his friends, I'm also a huge fan of John Green, who writes his teen characters the same way. These Things Happen actually reminded me of the grown-up version of Will Grayson, Will Grayson with Wesley as the first Will Grayson and Theo as Tiny. Anyone else? Maybe it's wishful thinking that teens would use language in this manner, but I say if it works, it works! 

I don't think this will be a book for everyone, but if you're in the mood for quirky, definitely give it a try. It's a unique take on a serious story and I really enjoyed the format, the writing, and the characters. I finished the book loving each one, which is impressive for a character-driven reader such as myself.

These Things Happen
Richard Kramer
272 pages
Adult Fiction
Unbridled Books
November 2012
Review copy

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heathertlc said...

Quirky is definitely good, but you're right that you have to be in the mood for it. I'll keep this one in mind when I need something a little different.

Thanks for being on the tour!