Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week in Review: Mom's turn

Apparently I'm not super woman after all. I thought I could bypass the illness everyone else has been getting, but I guess it's my turn.  Everyone from Elliott and Aaron to several of our friends and their children have had this respiratory issue the past few weeks and it hit me hard on Friday night, right in the middle of date night. I could just feel my energy draining as the night went on. 

Luckily, I have a rock star of a husband who got up early with Elliott and left the house to give mom some recovery time. He returned with more than a few of my favorite things:

That would be split pea soup, hot cocoa, and a mini-cherry pie from Whole Foods. Elliott and I decimated that soup in a matter of a few minutes...SO good. Oh and can't forget the whipped cream. I'm not usually one to love whipped cream from a can, but the stuff from Whole Foods is just delicious. Today is another recovery day, with the boys off to church and me on the couch. There are books to be read, friends!

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