Saturday, December 22, 2012

A peek under our Christmas tree

On Thursday, I talked about how we're following the "rule" of categories for choosing our gifts for Elliott. We're also added in "1 Thing to Create With," inspired by Ashley

I really think it will keep our bank account from being drained each year and the focus more on spending time together, rather than simply opening gobs of presents. A friend of mine has several children and each one has probably 20 gifts under the tree, if not more. I don't know how I would ever be able to explain to my children about the true meaning of Christmas while they're opening 25 gifts. But, that's just my opinion.

Though we're limiting these to categories, the child is still getting quite a few things. More than a 1-year-old probably needs and much more than a lot of families can afford. He's a lucky kid. 


Not that Elliott even understands how to "want" a toy, but after playing with many of these popular puzzles at the library, I know he would enjoy having one of his own. I bought this one from my favorite children's bookstore a few months ago. 


Now that the teeth are starting to come in, it's time to learn how to brush! He had one of the baby versions of these and loved to chew on it, so we're upgrading to toddler.


(photo from Abby's Lane... baby not included)

Amber Teething Necklace

I know that many family members will be gifting clothes to our little guy, so I didn't buy a single clothing item. At our MOPS silent auction a couple of weeks ago, I was the highest bidder for a gift card to our local Abby's Lane, so I put it to good use on an amber teething necklace. He is definitely having a hard time with teething, so I thought we'd try one of these out. Even if it doesn't help, it's certainly not going to hurt to try. 


Elliott LOVES B is for Bear, so I knew I wanted to get another in the series.

Create with:

He's still a little young for paint or crayons, but this will hopefully inspire a bit of a creative side! Who wouldn't love blue bath water?? ;)

Santa gift:

The kid is obsessed with his bath hoops set, so we thought Santa would bring a real one.

Christmas Eve:

We're also starting a new tradition in our little family, of new pajamas on Christmas Eve, along with a new book about the Christmas story and a new ornament, just for Elliott. 

I forgot to take a photo of the pajamas before I wrapped them and I bought them at a consignment shop, so they're older. No online photos. They're just cute navy blue footie pajamas sprinkled with white snowflakes. Very appropriate with our last name. 

His ornament for the year has the world "joy" embroidered on it, which I just loved. He has filled us with so much joy these past 12 months that I thought it fit perfectly! I bought this one from this lovely shop.

Our choice for his Christmas Eve book this year is:

It's one of my very favorites and we definitely needed to add it to our collection.

So, that's what Elliott is getting on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.  Have a wonderful holiday!


Amy said...

Emily received the basketball hoop for her birthday today and it was a huge hit. I hope Elliott loves his as well!

Ami said...

We got the bath drops, and they have been a big hit! I was a little nervous with Sheridan's light hair, but she didn't turn blue, and neither did my tub:)

We tried to go 'light' this year, with mostly sharing gifts like a box of dress-ups, but once all the relatives send things...yikes! We even held some gifts until late the next day. At least most of them cooperated with the something-we-can-do-together idea, and I still have a stack of birdhouses to build and science kits to try on bitter cold days. I like the addition of "something to create with", and might also add "something to recreate with". Maybe next year:)