Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Baker Towers review

Yet another book I waited entirely too long to get to and ended up loving. I read this one in the span of an afternoon, while waiting for my husband at the hospital (minor procedure, he's fine). It was perfect for passing the time and I was totally sucked right into the world of Bakerton and the citizens of the small mining town.

The plot follows several characters as they grow up and move out of (and back into) Bakerton. The five children of the Novak family, each incredibly different, yet tied completely to their family and the well-being of each other, live out the post- WWII years with an stubborn Italian mother and very different dreams for what they wish to make of their lives. 

I fell into the lives of each of these characters, through the amazing use of language Haigh has. She made me truly care about the Novak family and believe in their ups and downs. They were like any other family and their sadness and hope felt pure and realistic. I could imagine Rose, Georgie, Lucy, Joyce, Sandy, and Dorothy as a real family during that time period, in a town just like Bakerton. I loved it. 

I haven't read Mrs. Kimble, the award-winning first book by Haigh or Faith, a book which several of my reliable blogger friends have loved, but I'll be adding them to my list. I was also just sent a review copy of News From Heaven, so I'll be diving into that one right after the holidays. Her writing is addicting!

Thanks to Harper for sending a copy!

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Susan said...

I'm in the middle of this one right now. Really enjoying it so far. Interesting setting and characters.

Merry Christmas!