Sunday, December 16, 2012

New picture books

Despite all the holiday craziness, Elliott and I have still been enjoying lots of books during our days at home. These three have been in heavy rotation the past couple of weeks!

Together at Christmas by Eileen Spinelli and illustrator Bin Lee is an adorable take on a traditional counting book concept. Ten little mice huddle together trying to find a way to get warm on a very cold Christmas Eve. One-by-one they scamper off and find a spot to warm their little bodies. Though all ten eventually get warm, they're very lonely! Together they brave the weather and find a spot they can get warm together. And yes, I made that rhyme. I'm good like that. 

Elliott liked the rhythm of the story and the excitement I used in my voice as each mouse found a warm bed and I really enjoyed the soft illustrations with bursts of color. A really nice book to read for during this season!

Lauren Thompson has been ruling the reading time at our house with the board book edition of Polar Bear Night. The story of a polar bear exploring the night while all of his animal friends sleep has sort of a mysterious vibe to it, which I liked and E loves staring at the illustrations (done by Stephen Savage). 
If possible, I think he likes the illustrations in Polar Bear Morning even better. The infusions of color and the bold designs really add to the fun of the polar bear running around with a friend. It's one of the fun, yet incredibly simple books that you don't mind reading over and over again. He can't turn the pages of the picture book nearly as well as the board book, but he certainly still tries. I see many torn pages in our future!

Thank you to Albert Whitman and Scholastic for sending us these great books!

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