Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 resolutions and a reflection on 2012

A lot happened in 2012: Elliott went from baby to toddler in the blink of an eye and is now able to entertain himself a little. He's almost walking! I left my job at the bookstore. I joined a mom's group. We traveled to NY 3 times. I started running. I lost 25lbs and still counting. 

My blog has turned into much more than just a book blog and, therefore, my goals will reflect that as well. But, first, the books!

I read 105 books this year. I didn't meet my goal  of 130 that I made at the beginning of 2012, but I never really thought I would. 130 books is a lot for someone with a job and a new baby in the house...not to mention my anxiety at the thought of any dirt on my floor while I relax. Must get over that. 

My resolutions from last year:

1. Read more non-fiction: I read 21. That's 11 more than last year. (check!)

2. Read more male authors: I actually read less. Darn.

3. Continue my 2011 goal of reading quality over quantity: I definitely met this goal, which is why I only read 105 books. I had weeks where I couldn't find anything I actually wanted to read and refused to just thumb through pages to do it. (check)

4. Re-read one of my own books each month: Definite fail. I think I only re-read 2 books this year.

2012 stats:
Total books: 105
13 audiobooks
36 library books
85 written by women
20 written by men
21 Non-Fiction

I'm really going to try and keep to a few realistic goals this year, but at the same time, try to be extremely flexible and not beat myself up if I go a week without turning a page. Elliott is a busy boy and I insist on being a mom that plays on the floor with him instead of doing my own thing. 

My 2013 Reading goals:

Read for at least 30 minutes a day.

I think this will be the hardest one for me to actually reach. I have friends that resolve to sit and read for an hour each night or 30 minutes every morning. I've turned into a person that has a really hard time sitting still when I know there's work to be done. I need to get over the laundry and dirty floor and just enjoy a few pages. This will also help me par down the TBR a bit. 

Re-read my own books. 

Notice I'm not making last year's mistake and putting a number on how many! I really want to re-read at least a few, mainly to see if they still have a worthy spot on my shelves. We'll see how I do with this one. I know I won't get 1 read a month, but maybe 5-7 total...? That would be nice. 

Purchase at least 1 book per month from an indie bookstore. 

This used to be really easy when I was working at the coolest children's bookstore in the world. I couldn't walk out of there without buying something. Now that I'm not there on a regular basis, I want to make sure I'm still supporting my local indie store in some way -- whether it be a purchase at my old place of employment or the 2nd amazing indie bookstore in my area where I attend book club, I want to make sure to do my part to support them. 

My local indie used bookstore counts too (no website, sorry), so I'll definitely be frequenting them, as well.

Personal goals:

Continue my fitness journey

I've lost some necessary weight, but I still have more to go. Not looking for skinny, just healthy. I want to continue running (which is proving hard in the dark winter nights).

Morning Bible study

I've been  a member of the She Reads Truth online community for the past 4 months or so and I'm loving it! Such amazing writers and women that truly love God. I fall victim to the craziness of daily life, like everyone else, and I really want to stick with a morning study. Reading the She Reads Truth devotional and maybe a chapter or two from whatever study book I have going on at that time. This might just require waking up before Elliott, which is reallllllly hard. 

Eat at 10 new-to-me restaurants

10 may be a stretch, but we're planning a couple of short vacations this year and so I made the number a little higher. Hopefully I can remember to keep track!

Continue to simplify

We've been purging stuff around the house for months, but I want to keep it purged. I want to remember that I don't need to hold onto things for sentimental value or because I think someone might be offended if they don't see it sitting on a shelf when they come to visit. We don't need a whole lot to make us happy, so I want to focus on those things that really do. 

Meal plans

I do plan out my meals fairly regularly, but I want to do it every single week. It helps saves money and makes me feel better knowing that I already have something set for lunches and dinners and I don't have to scramble. Scrambling makes me anxious and I don't want to be anxious over silly things. Which works well with #6...


I've been getting better at this one, I really have. I'm not nearly as focused on schedules and things being done a specific way as I used to be. Elliott really helped with that. A parent really does have to go with the flow a lot of the time, so I've loosened up on all the other "stuff" in recent months. I have come to realize that having certain things in order or planned really does help alleviate stress in other areas (i.e. have a meal plan, set certain days for specific chores rather than trying to do it all at once). 

Buy a camper and CAMP

We've been saving for a small, pop-up camper for the last 6 months are we're hoping by camping season we'll be ready to buy. I camped as a kid and loved it and it's a tradition we really want Elliott to experience. Read books, play in the woods, have s'mores, stay away from technology, etc. 


I'd really like to make a lot of Christmas gifts and decorations for next year, so I think I'm going to start in April. Then maybe it will actually get done!

I think everything is achievable, but I better get to work now. I'd love to know what you're resolving to do in 2013, bookish or otherwise!

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April (BooksandWine) said...

Good luck with your goals! I bet you can accomplish them all. :-)