Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Splash of Red review

It always amazes me when a picture book can come along and open up a new wealth of knowledge for adults. I had never heard of Horace Pippin before opening the pages of this beautifully written book by Jen Bryant, but I'm definitely going to be seeking more information on his life and his gorgeous artwork. 

Imagine, a young black man wanting to be an artist in the early 20th century and eventually being successful! He had so many barriers set up against him -- war, cultural norms, race, etc., yet this man knew his hands held talent. An inspiration for any artist for sure. 

Melissa Sweet, most recently of Balloons Over Broadway fame, has illustrated the pages of Pippin's story in the most delightful of ways and left me staring at the pages seeking out the little details. Her style is unique, perfect for a very unique man and his life of perseverance and creativity. 

Highly recommended! You'll definitely want a copy of this in your classrooms and libraries or to hand to your favorite artist.

Thanks to Knopf for sending a copy over for us to browse!


Abby said...

I love, love, love Melissa Sweet and I was so excited when we got this one in last week! :D I loved it, too!

Archaznable said...

I will gonna take your word for it gonna grab this book ... :D