Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hello stomach flu! (and a couple of quick reviews)

I had all these great posts planned for this weekend -- sharing great events around here, fun books that Elliott and I have been enjoying -- and then the dreaded stomach bug invaded our house. E and I got off easy, some tummy issues for him and a day in bed for me, but my poor husband took it really hard. I played sick single mom while he stayed in bed all day Friday and then we ended up in the ER late Friday night when we hit 24 hours of any food or drink being able to stay down. I totally should have brought him before that, but just didn't realize quite how sick he was. 

2 bags of fluid, a couple of vials of Zofran, and some serious pain meds for the migraine (thank you severe dehydration) worked wonders and I brought the sick guy home around 3 a.m.  He was feeling almost completely better by yesterday afternoon and I was able to quickly run out to an event at my local indie before racing back to take back over child duties. Had to skip the fun birthday party afterwards, but that's ok. He can make it up to me in hot chocolate (or any chocolate at all really) later. 

The event at One More Page Books was absolutely fantastic, as per usual. Diana Peterfreund (For Darkness Shows the Stars), Jessica Spotswood (Born Wicked), Tiffany Schmidt (Send Me a Sign), Victoria Schwab (The Archived), Jenn Rush (Altered), and Miranda Kenneally (Stealing Parker) sat on a panel and just talked about what they liked to read as kids, joked about their bad poetry in the earliest years of writing, and shared the "stories behind the story." Such fun! 

I had just finished For Darkness Shows the Stars the night prior while sitting in the ER with Aaron and I LOVED it. It was an excellent blend of sci-fi/family drama/strong girl character/love story and I couldn't put it down. The plot is based on Jane Austen's Persuasion, a book I've never read, but am now inspired to pick up. Maybe I'll finally get a classic read this year!

I was especially impressed by the emotional aspects of the story. Though Elliot (the main character, not my son ;) is strong and bold in her actions and words, she's really a very emotional, broken girl. The balance was probably very difficult to achieve, but Peterfreund did an excellent job. I also both loved and hated Kai, a goal of the author's, I'm sure. I so wanted him to be nicer to Elliot, but then the story just wouldn't be the same, of course.

An awesome book. I highly recommend checking it out.

Send Me a Sign, by the absolutely lovely Tiffany Schmidt was one I purchased and read earlier in the week in preparation for the author panel this weekend. I was able to race through this one as well, needing to know what would happen to Mia and Gyver's relationship. Some book romances you just HAVE to know what's going to happen, because you want it to go your way so badly. This was one of those for me. The plot contains a cancer story, yes, but it's also about luck and those little signs we can take away from the seemingly meaningless. It's about friendship and wanting to protect those we love and it even has it's moments of humor. 

Tiffany shared the story of the girl who ended up convincing Tiffany to finish the book and had most of the room wiping away tears. It's funny sometimes how we really can find signs of what's just meant to be for our lives. I definitely recommend you picking this one up too. Very different from For Darkness Shows the Stars, but still a page turner!

Keep your fingers crossed that the bug doesn't come back around and hit the child and I again. That could be a nightmare!


Lisa said...

I LOVED Persuasion, so I just added this to my list.

Ami said...

Boo for stomach flu - I just dragged myself back into work today, two are still down and out at Grandma's. But, I got my stitch fix invite this morning, scheduled for the end of February!