Monday, February 11, 2013

Books about love to share

We're not big on Valentine's Day in our house ((commercialism and all that), but that doesn't mean we don't like to celebrate the season of love with a few special books. 

We've had more than a few books on loving each other come our way in the past few months, but these are the two Elliott has really gravitated towards. They've moved into the daily reading rotation and they're ones I actually enjoy reading over and over again. Definitely can't say that about every book we read.

A Kiss Means I Love You by Kathryn Madeline Allen and photographer Eric Futran is our new favorite book to read each night before putting E to bed. He really loves the close-up photographs of kids showing different emotions and types of body languages and I liked the quick bit of rhyming text that allows for quick page turns. With a 14-month-old we can't linger on the pages or he's over the book in about 3 seconds. 

The photos are excellent and really convey the emotion they're exhibiting on each page. It's going to be a great resource in teaching body language and how we use our faces to show how we're feeling. A new gem for our bookshelves and a great pick for librarians and teachers looking for toddler story time reads. Large page spreads and one sentence text makes for a great story time book for this age level. 

A Kiss Like This by Mary Murphy is just one of those cute books you don't mind reading over and over, (much like Murphy's I Kissed the Baby that we loved so much a couple of months ago). Each page spread features a pair of animals giving each other smooches, requiring the reader to lift a flap to see exactly how it's done. Giraffe kisses are tall, bee kisses are fuzzy and buzzy, etc. 

Elliott loves anything with a flap, but he especially loves Murphy's illustrations. He traces his finger down the elephant trunk and around the fish fins -- so adorable! It's a great book for one-on-one time with your kids, especially at this time of the year. (Elliott likes the mouse kisses best of all)

Thanks to Albert Whitman and Candlewick for the review copies!

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Kelly Lupor said...

Like your approach Amanda, and couldnt agree more. it is just a commercial glorification but it doesnt mean we cant take the oppurtunity to celebrate the day with flowers and a cooked meal :)