Monday, February 4, 2013

Stitch Fix box #2

In January, I shared with you all how I joined Stitch Fix and had such a great reception to the post, I thought I should probably share what I had in my second box. I was even happier with this box and I can tell the stylists have definitely browsed my Pinterest boards and read up on my likes and dislikes, because I loved almost every item in the box -- definitely made for hard choosing when it came time to purchase!

In this box, I got a great pair of skinny jeans, a gorgeous bird-print top, a belted shirt-dress, a black cowl top, and a gray star-print scarf. It was such a perfect box. Some of the items were a little out of my  comfort zone (uhhh... skinny jeans??), but that's why I love this company. They pick out items that will fit your body and are actually stylish. A person can only wear so many bootcut jeans and cardigans. And you can see up on the left there in the photo how they send small cards with outfit ideas on them. Incredibly helpful!

The black top was really hard to photograph. It was very form-fitting and the cowl hung very low. It was a bit too clingy for me, as I still have some body work to do, but it was cute! The dress was beautiful and would look so cute with cowboy boots and a jean jacket or just some cute flats. It hit a little higher above the knee than I would prefer, but it was certainly still decent. The print was beautiful.

I will admit I was totally afraid of the jeans. I never thought I had the body type to be able to pull off skinny jeans, so I've never even tried them on. A girl with a "full" bottom half and super-short legs couldn't possibly look cute in these jeans right? So wrong I was. I fell in love with them the minute I put them on! They were comfortable and fit perfectly. 

I ended up keeping the bird-print top, which was both flattering and adorable, and the jeans. I OWN SKINNY JEANS. Wore them to church today with the top and had several people tell me they loved my top. Compliments are such fun!

Since I kept 2 items this time around, I probably won't get another fix for a couple of months, but I'll be sure to share the treasure box when it comes next time. If you're interested in signing up for this amazzzzzzing style program, here's the info:
The details: 

-Head over to Stitch Fix and sign up for an invite. It may take awhile, but I received mine in less than a week. 

-Schedule your Fix. It costs $20 to get a fix box sent to your house. If you decide to purchase something out of the box, the $20 is credited towards that item(s). You're basically paying for someone to hand-pick items for you and ship both ways. All of that is free if you buy an item. A pretty amazing deal, I think. 

-If you like it all, keep it all and they'll charge you for it all (and give you 25% off the entire box). Sending stuff back? Pop it in the postage-paid envelope within 3 days and they charge you only for what you keep, minus your $20 fee. 

-The style profile you fill out is crazy detailed. Everything from height/weight/hair color to picking from inspiration boards as to what you like and don't like. It's awesome. You can also link your Pinterest account to your Stitch Fix account and they'll check out your Style boards to get a better idea of outfits you like. 

-You can get a Fix monthly or just once-in-awhile, which I love. If it's not in your budget to get a box every month, you don't have to. 


Teresa said...

I love this box as well. I am working on finalizing my profile. Thanks for sharing.

Heather @ Book Addiction said...

I am like you - I HATE to spend a lot of money on clothes, but I'm constantly complaining that I have nothing to wear. You totally inspired me and I signed up to get an invite. :)

Ami said...

i can't wait, my first box is scheduled for later this month. You reminded me I need to get a pinterest board going, though - so far I just have a steampunk one up, which could make for an interesting box!