Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Sky Beneath My Feet

Though I love to read Christian non-fiction, I've always had a hard time finding great fiction by Christian authors that didn't come across as too sweet and preachy. I don't mind necessarily getting a "lesson" out of a book, but I don't like feeling like I'm being taught something. I just want a good story, like I'd get in a mainstream fiction book. 

Lisa Samson has always been able to suck me into her books and keep me hooked until the last page. This latest one features Beth and Rich, a couple that find themselves in the midst of a crazy emotional roller coaster that doesn't seem to want to let up and is very much a mirror of a lot of our lives: crazy, scary, and sometimes hilarious.

Rich is a pastor at a very large church and when given a sabbatical, he decides to hide out in the backyard, rather than taking a trip to the beach with the rest of the family, as Beth would like to do. Rich claims he needs to spend time with only God, to try to figure out his life -- which apparently requires living in a shed. 

This throws Beth into her own tailspin, as she thinks her husband has lost his mind and she isn't entirely sure how to deal with that. She doesn't like what he's doing to their family and certainly doesn't understand it. She acts and reacts like any real real woman would. I loved that about Beth. She's a pastor's wife, but she's real and doesn't put on the show of perfection that so many do. 

I love Samson's easy writing and her characters are both deep and humorous at the same time. I definitely took something away from this book (look at my own faults before pointing out someone else's) and I've already handed my copy off to a friend. Two thumbs up for Samson's latest!

Thank you to Book Sneeze for the review copy.

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