Tuesday, March 26, 2013

16 months old!

I can't believe I have a 16-month-old. I'm sure every parent says that every single month, but seriously, where does the time go? All of a sudden I have this child instead of a baby and it makes me very emotional. Then I look at this face and just laugh. 

This past month, Elliott has started walking all over the place and when really excited, almost runs. He also had his first real playdate at someone's home and sat like all the other kids did for his snack. He really liked mimicking what they were doing -- almost makes me want to give him a sibling. *Almost* This quickly prompted me to pickup a used mini table and chairs set for our house. 

He has 6 teeth and loves to eat. Unfortunately, he's very specific as to what he will and won't eat, so I've started being very careful about how many snacks he gets a day. The less he snacks, the less picky he seems to be. He does really love raw carrots and celery though and they last a long time.  He probably chewed on this carrot for 90 minutes. Just carried it around with him all morning. 

He has turned into a typical little boy, falling in love with trucks, cars, and trains. He loves to wave to the garbage trucks when they stop to pick up our trash each week and is totally obsessed with the school buses that go by every morning and afternoon. We live right across the street from an elementary school, so he gets a lot of bus time. 

He got hit hard with a bad chest cold and teething all at the same time a couple of weeks ago, so there was a lot of cuddle time going on around here. Finally, everyone is well and looking forward to Spring!

16 months is so much fun and from what I see from other kids, 17-18 months will be a blast too. He has such a great personality and we're really blessed with a happy child 99% of the time.

Stats at 16 months:

20lbs 11oz
30 inches tall
6 teeth


Sweet potatoes
Brushing his teeth
Playing in the cupboards


Diaper changes
Having his nails clipped
Shopping carts


middle grade ninja said...


Jenn's Bookshelves said...

Aww! He's getting to be so big!!

wordlily.com said...

It's crazy how fast they grow up, isn't it?

Rylie Craft said...

Cute blog & cute family!!


Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

I can relate. It's amazing how time flies. My little girl is sixteen months too.