Saturday, March 16, 2013

Elliott's Pick: Lois Ehlert's Growing Garden

I was hoping Elliott would love Lois Ehlert books as much as I do and though I've tried a few from the library, he hasn't really connected with them until this box set showed up in our mailbox. It had perfect timing too, as we're working on planning our garden for spring time and doing a lot of talking about what it means to grow our own food. 

Perfect for little hands, we found these three books in the box:

The colors in each one are so bright and lively that I don't think E could help but be drawn to them. His favorite seems to be Eating the Rainbow, which happens to be the simplest concept among the books. Each page features the famous Lois Ehlert illustrations that represent each letter of the alphabet through fruit and veggies. I wasn't surprised that he likes that one the best so far -- it's very easily for him to be overwhelmed with words and pictures at this point, so the fewer the better. 

My favorite is Growing Vegetable Soup, which I hope we actually get to do this year! I love how Ehlert goes through the process of planting the seeds, watering, waiting, and finally picking the bounty. 

The labeling of different items used to garden (nets/rakes/stakes/shovels/etc.) along with the actual fruits, vegetables, and flowers is great. When E points to something and says "that" (his way of asking what something is) I can not only tell him what it is, but he can also see the word. I think this will eventually help with reading skills, which is why I love Ehlert's work so much. 

We'll be having a lot of fun with these as spring gets closer and closer. Thanks to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for the review copy to enjoy!

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