Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stitch Fix Box #3

Well, I'm still in love with Stitch Fix. My heart does a little pitter-patter each time I get that email stating a box has shipped and is on its way to me. It's a big ordeal when the beautifully wrapped boxes make their way onto my porch and anything that makes the world feel like Christmas is a friend of mine. It's an event to open a Stitch Fix box, my friends. An event.

First, this guy has to be sound asleep, in bed for the night:

(Really, I just wanted an excuse to show this hilarious picture)

No nap time openings -- the kid must be down for the whole night. I can't have him waking up from a short nap and interfering with my box opening. I wait until it's quiet and head to our bedroom, where I can open the box in peace, spreading each lovely item of clothing out on the bed, so I can really get a good look at it. 

This month was even more special, because I received my box while I was bedridden with the dreaded flu. The husband brought it inside on Friday afternoon when he came home to save the day and I crawled into bed and it sat, calling my name, on the dresser until late Sunday night when I was finally well enough to open it. A treat, for sure. 

In this box, I ended up with 2 tops, 2 dresses, and a blazer. I think I'm going to continue requesting boxes without accessories, because even though I love the two items that came in the two previous boxes, right now I'm really concentrating on building up my wardrobe with clothing pieces. 

The verdict? I only kept one top (the teal one pictured above). It was a great material -- super soft and very flattering. Those dolman-style sleeves really work for me.

 I LOVED this dress:

(my apologies for the terrible photography)

Unfortunately, the straps were a bit big and would have needed to be altered. With the way I'm built, this is going to be a problem with most tops/dresses with this type of "sleeve." Definitely not the fault of the stylist, we can blame God for not giving me the breasts I deserve ;). Beautiful fabric and the colors were bright and fun. Exactly what I had asked for. 

I also loved this blazer:

If we were sitting in the middle of August or September and I was anticipating cool, fall weather, I totally would have kept it. The quality was outstanding. I just couldn't justify buying a heavy blazer before spring/summer, since I'm still working on losing weight. If I was definitely going to be the same size come fall, it would be mine. 

As for the other items I didn't end up keeping, the black top with the circle pattern was super cute, but it had that low back hemline and though it looks great on other people, it does NOT look good on me. I have a really short torso, so the back hem just hangs much too low on me. 

The black wrap dress was totally flattering and a great basic. I was just looking for something bright for the season. 

Overall, another thumbs up for the stylists at Stitch Fix. I requested bright colors and stripes and they gave me both. This time, I may be bold and ask for a maxi dress. Can a person pull off a maxi at only 5'2? Preferably without looking pregnant...?

If you're new to the game, here's how how it works:

-Head over to Stitch Fix and sign up for an invite. I received mine in about a week. 

-Schedule your Fix. It costs $20 to get a fix box sent to your house. If you decide to purchase something out of the box, the $20 is credited towards that item(s). You're basically paying for someone to hand-pick items for you and ship both ways. All of that is free if you buy an item. A pretty amazing deal. 

-If you like it all, keep it all and they'll charge you for it all, minus a 25% discount. Sending stuff back? Pop it in the postage-paid envelope within 3 days and they charge you only for what you keep, minus your $20 fee. 

-The style profile you fill out is crazy detailed. Everything from height/weight/hair color to picking from inspiration boards as to what you like and don't like. It's awesome. You can even link up your Pinterest boards. 

-You can get a Fix monthly or just once-in-awhile, which I love. If it's not in your budget to get a box every month, you don't have to.

If you get Stitch Fix boxes too, leave me a link to your posts. I'd love to see what other people are getting!

The wonderful ladies of Stitch Fix have no idea who I am and I'm not being paid to rave about their company. I just really do love it. 

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Teresa said...

I'm a bit jealous that you have gotten three fantastic boxes. I liked my first one, but haven't been able to do another one yet. Sounds like each one is getting better and better.