Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Until I Say Goodbye: My Year of Living with Joy

Holy emotional roller coaster! I love a good memoir and this new one definitely falls into the category of: hand to everyone I know. Susan Spencer-Wendel writes about the time she has left with her family after being diagnosed with ALS, a fatal disease that takes over her body. It shook me up, people... you need to read this one. 

Susan was a successful journalist, working her way up as so many of us do, and truly loving her job. When she began exhibiting strange symptoms, she initially ignored it and hid the symptoms from her coworkers and family. When she finally goes to the doctor and ends up with the diagnosis she does, Susan is determined to live whatever time she has left to the fullest. 

She makes special plans with each of her children and her friends, going on trips to other countries or even just to an amusement park, making sure that each of them is going to be left with the memory of that particular experience. Though she has her expected dark moments, she is filled with the joy of life and it's incredibly inspiring. 

The author is funny, witty, and filled with the need to truly live out her quest on Earth. She celebrates life and lives each day to the fullest, teaching all of us readers a thing or two about not taking our days for granted. 

Thank you to Harper for the review copy. I think Susan's story is one we all need to experience. 

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