Thursday, April 18, 2013

Reconstructing Amelia

Kate, a high-powered attorney in New York, loses her teen daughter, Amelia to suicide. Amelia apparently jumped off the top of a building at the ritzy private school she attended, though why, Kate doesn't understand. Her daughter was ambitious -- one of the "good" kids and certainly did not seem to be suicidal. Why would she just decide to kill herself one day?

Shortly after Amelia's death, Kate receives a text message that implies Amelia did not, in fact, kill herself, which sets the woman off on a mission to find out what re
ally happened.

The story unfolds through the voices of both Kate and Amelia, in alternating chapters and through text messages, emails, and Amelia's posts on social media. The topics of hazing and bullying play a huge role in the plot, which I found perfect for the issues teens face in today's society, as well as interesting in that they made for quite the thriller. Topics such as these are often very sensitive, emotional stories, rather than fast-paced page turners. 

Once I picked up the book, I did not want to put it down for a second. Forget chasing my toddler around (ok, I didn't really forget, I promise), I wanted to just turn the pages as fast as I could and find out the real deal behind Amelia's death. 

Though I don't quite understand the comparisons to Gone Girl, I do love a good page-turner and would recommend this to those that are looking for a great read to keep them guessing. I just think Gone Girl was more of mind-play with a whole lot of vulgarity. A great story, but not for everyone. This one would make any mystery/thriller lover happy. 

Thanks to Harper for the review copy!

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Susan said...

I'm reading this one for a blog tour soon. It sounds SO good. I always love a good thriller. Glad to know you enjoyed it!