Saturday, May 11, 2013

Elliott's Pick: Night Light by Nicholas Blechman

I don't totally understand how it happened, but Elliott has fallen in love with all things trucks, trains, and automobiles. The only books he will sit still for are those focusing on transportation. Whatever works, right? 

He always helps open my book mail and usually he'll glance at the picture books for a moment and then move on to the next pressing task of a 16-month-old. When Night Light came, he was instantly intrigued and didn't put the book down for at least 10 minutes. Amazing for his attention span and for me, that means a winner of a book. 

The book is very simple in both style and text. It's ultimately a counting book featuring different modes of transportation that the reader can guess before turning the page. It has a fire truck, a tug boat, a train, a taxi, and so on. E loved flipping the heavy-duty pages and pointing to whatever vehicle was on the next page. 

Though he doesn't quite get the counting part yet, I can definitely see that coming soon. He will hopefully count the different holes that give "clues" as to what's on the next page, before turning to discover the train or tugboat. The illustrations are bold, but simple, letting the image standout. Always nice for a toddler. 

As a mom, I really loved the thick pages -- less ripping! Once we ditched the dust cover, the book was almost as durable as a board, which means it will last a long time in our house. 

We really loved this one! Thanks to Scholastic for the review copy~

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Amy said...

This looks like one we will definitely have to check out! I think my 19-month-old will love it!