Sunday, June 30, 2013

Family Fitness

A quick note before the good stuff... as most of the world knows, Google Reader is saying buh-bye tomorrow, so if you follow this blog be sure to subscribe via Bloglovin' or Feedly. I went with Feedly, myself. Ok. Onto the real post!

I typically post about my fitness fun on Fridays, but I knew we were heading out to one of our favorite hiking spots this weekend and wanted to talk about how we try to stay fit as a family. 

Individually, Aaron and I definitely have different ways of getting in/staying in shape. As you all know, I'm about to start the 3rd week of Best Body Bootcamp, which is just as amazing my second time around, filled with challenging strength training and awesome cardio plans. As I mentioned last week, Spiderman planks may just be the death of me, but I'm determined to be able to do at least 10 properly before the end of bootcamp. Tina is a fantastic trainer and definitely is knowledgable as to what works and, most importantly, it's working with my schedule. Super flexible. 

With Elliott running around, I typically work out in the evenings, after bedtime. Occasionally I'll head out for my cardio while he's eating, if my husband has made it home early, but the strength always takes place in the evening, while catching up on our DVR. Sometimes Aaron does it with me, but mostly I make him stay out of the room. That's what works for me. I also walk with Elliott in the mornings (when it's not crazy hot outside) and occasionally attempt to run with the jogging stroller (it's a beast). 

Aaron leaves the house at 5 every morning and goes to the gym. He belongs to a really, REALLY nice gym that has everything he could ever want. Every once in awhile he'll take advantage of the child care and take E with him on a weekend afternoon. Love those days. He's currently training for a Tough Mudder and a Spartan race, so those are his daily workouts at this point. 

Family fitness is incredibly important to us, because we want our little guy to grow up to love being active. Our favorite activity is hiking. We like to go to a variety of places, but this one is our favorite:

It has a lot of options to it, making it easy or difficult, and it's beautiful. Plus, when we're done, it's right down the road from a great local coffee shop/crepery! Yesterday we did a 2 mile loop, which was perfect for the conditions. It had been pouring for a couple of days prior, so the rocky hills had also turned into streams. Luckily, E was happily content in the Ergo on my back, so I just had to make sure to go slowly and we were fine. 

The above photo is the trail, not a creek bed, though you wouldn't have known it yesterday. My favorite kind of hikes are rocky, wet, and challenging. 

Since Aaron is training for trail races, he would run about a 1/2 mile, then run back to us and walk to for awhile and repeat. He got a great workout, as did I doing all the hills with an extra 22lbs on my back!

We definitely want to invest in a hiking backpack, but just don't really know what we want yet. I've been scouting a used one, as is my nature. If you have a favorite, please let me know.

We plan to "hike" around D.C. on Friday and on Saturday will be venturing to Charlottesville. If you live there and know of a great trail, send it our way!

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Emma Vitale said...

You should ask Michelle or Marshall about bags. They've done quite a bit of hiking with the kids! Hiking has definitely become one of my favorite activities lately. So rewarding!